A while back I said I would post this, so here it is.

This is a perfectly working nulled copy of Interspire Email Marketer version 6.1.2. This is (in my opinion) the BEST version of IEM available. Both 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 s****. They always fail to send by stopping half way through. Also, they have issues logging into email accounts (like to setup your bounce processing because it wont login).

Version 6.1.2 doesn't have those issues. The sending is the best, fastest, and most efficient of all the versions. 6.1.2 does have it's own issues though. The main issue for me was the Triggers, they just didn't work. So I compared the code from 6.1.4 to see what is different, and ported the triggers fix from 614 into 612.

I have fixed the triggers, so they work in this 6.1.2 mod :)

There are a few other files I went ahead and copied over from 614 into this because the changes were very small, and looking at the code it shouldn't cause any harm. Files that are like "_filename.php.bak" are simply the backup of the original 612 file. So that is an indication that the filename is from 614.

I know there is also a fix for something about the templates, and about the xml api, and a few other things.. I only fixed what affected me. So I urge you to look at the changelog for 613 AND 614 on the Interspire forums to see what fixes are not in this version. If it is something that will (or does) affect you, then you can possibly copy the 614 file associated with it.

I used Beyond Compare to compare 612 and 614. This DOES NOT have all the 614 fixes. Mainly, only the fix for the Triggers because they are important.

If you use Interspire, then THIS is the version you want to run. Screw 613 and 614, they s****. Yes, this has bugs, so does everything. If those bugs don't affect you, then your good. If they do, then you can do what I did.. Trace down what files hold the fix and copy them from 614. Reason why I wanted to keep 612 instead of fixing 614, is because this has the BEST sending system. I don't know wtf they did, but they ruined Interspire with 613 how it keeps pausing and failing to send campaigns.


Download link:

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