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FB Power Lead Pro is software to help you collect id, leads from fanpage, group facebook! To help you make your own audience that super target together with your niche, product or whatever that you would like.

Facebook advertisements is the only real platform to think about doing any kind of paid advertising and adding the Power Editor and Custom Audiences is a large improvement to reduce ad costs and elevated conversions.

Hundreds of 1000′s of marketers are earning a killing using Facebook advertisements however the huge majority have no real understanding of the particular quality or compatibility of the audience towards the product or service being advertised. It is greatly a situation of creating the audience while using profile within the Power editor and wishing to find the best

The primary problem having a Facebook Created Custom Audience is the information is largely comprised of page likes and shares which is a really poor indicator of intent or engagement for just about any product being marketed.

The choice to letting Facebook make your audience is to make use of software to collect leads to produce your personal audience.

Existing software costs around$100 and is still selling like hotcakes the way it works and helps make the marketer money.

[FB PowerLead Pro Key Features]

-FB PowerLead Pro - Target Pages-
Find pages with different keyword and saves all the page comment IDs and emails. Fundamental essentials real moving firm ad shakers in Facebook and also have a genuine curiosity about the identical product or service when you are marketing.Software has unique feature to conserve to 50 complete pages of comment IDs or emails 1 Click which is worth 5 time the price of this software by itself

-FB PowerLead Pro - Target Groups-
Find group pages with different keyword and saves As Much As 5 GROUP PAGES (5000 per group Facebook API limit) of member IDS AND emails 1 click. That as much as 25.000 people IDs or emails saved to CSV in under a few minutes
-FB PowerLead Pro - Find Events-
Finds Events according to keyword and saves as much as 50 EVENT PAGES of member IDs AND emails in 1 click
-FB PowerLead Pro - Find Your Keyword in Posts-
Looked posts by keyword and time frame to show all the posts mentioning your keyword. Software then saves the IDs of all the page or choose to sae All The COMMENT IDs from the publish eith your keyword incorporated.

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[Last Released - APRiL 2014]

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