It’s a know fact that GSA Search Engine Ranker is a very powerful link
building tool but most users know that using it without proper lists
does not use it’s full potential. If you use your gsa ser to scrape
search engines for links, identify them, post and then verify them, it’s
pretty common that you won’t build a lot of links per minute. And
especially if when you’re proxies go bad or you’re not using a big
enough keyword lists, your LPM will be really low and you’ll be
wondering what’s wrong with your SER. But we know that GSA SER is
probably the best link building tool and we have a solution to make your
LPM skyrocket and increase your verified link count by 1500%. It’s

Now you can put your GSA SER on overdrive and build tons and tons of
verified links (we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of links)
instantly, even if you have no experience with SER.

You probably don’t know this, but GSA SER is used by all the big players
in the link building industry. So how can they build a truckload of
links with it and you can’t? Well, the answer is quite simple: the big
dogs build and process their own link lists before importing them into
SER. This way, SER doesn’t have to scrape, identify, post and then
verify the links – it just posts them and because the lists are already
verified, all the urls created are automatically verified.

Just like you, when i first started using GSA SER back in 2012, i didn’t
manage to get the most out of it, in fact, i was even wondering if i
didn’t waste my money on this tool. I started to experiment with it a
bit more, i understood it was a very powerful tool and i started to
analyze what’s wrong with it or with the way i’m using it in order to
get it to the max. And here’s what i found:

  • it didn’t build links fast enough because at the same time it was scraping and also identifying links
  • because it was scraping, it needed a lot of proxies – if i wanted it
    to scrape faster i needed a lot more proxies which would considerably
    increase the cost, if i kept scraping on a lower speed, i wouldn’t get
    enough urls to post to
  • for some reason, i couldn’t find enough unique domains
  • also it couldn’t find almost any unique contextual platforms to get
    my articles on (Article Directories, Wikis and Web 2.0 sites were a
  • it was always finding the same urls everyday so i started modifying
    the engine footprints but this didn’t quite work as when i removed the
    duplicates, my 50k url list (which i built in months) turned into a 21k
    unique url list

So in the end something had to be done and i decided to build my own
lists… easier said than done. But i knew i had to do it right in order
to turn GSA SER into the powerful link building beast it is. So i
started doing it:

  • i got 2 dedicated servers at $130/mo each, both of them with
    unlimited bandwidth (got a huge discount from a friend as each server
    would cost $230 normally)
  • i then got 2 copies of Scrapebox $67 each (also got a nice discount as the original price was $97)
  • 150 private proxies for scraping and processing the links – $150/mo
  • captcha solving – around $250/mo
  • i also got one extra copy of GSA SER to process urls faster – $89
  • so my one time costs were around $250 and monthly costs come at a premium $650/mo

these lists i can rank any low competition keywords in just a few days
[literally, 2-3 days] and medium and high competition keywords in a
matter of weeks – ranking a 120k searches per month keyword in the top
10 in just 2 weeks only with the help of GSA Search Engine Ranker is
pretty sweet, right?

But wait, that’s not all there is. These lists are used for ranking
churn and burn sites and also for powering tiered link building
campaigns but you can also use the links to target your money site
directly. Yes, that’s right, if you set up proper PR, Engine and Bad
Word filters you can rank your Money Site with GSA Search Engine Ranker
only, without the risk of a Google penalty (more details inside).

So that’s what you get for an initial investment of $250 and then $650 per month.

After you purchase here’s what you’ll get:

  • 100k+ unique url targets coming from 70k unique domains
  • 5k+ contextual urls (and as everyone knows contextuals are DA BOMB)
  • Roughly 80% of the links work perfectly with Captcha Breaker or Captcha Sniper so you won’t spend any extra money on Captchas
  • The remaining 20% require ReCaptcha (please bear in mind that most
    contextual links will require recaptcha as they are the most powerful
    and most moderated link platforms)
  • This will make your GSA SER run like a cheetah, your LPM will go
    through the roof and you’ll congratulate yourself for making this
    purchase when you’ll see your websites rank on the front page of Google

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do i need this list?

A: If you’re running GSA SER out of the box, without any lists, you’ll
see it’s quite complicated and time consuming to build a large number of
links. If you’re satisfied with 5-10k links per month or you’re running
only 3-5 projects, then it’s ok, you can use SER without a list, in
fact you can use any other link building tool. But if you’re running 25+
projects and you need to build tiered links then you need a proper

Q: How valuable are the links in your list?

A: Short answer: REALLY VALUABLE. First of all, more than 60% of them
are do-follow links. Secondly, you will get a huge IP and Domain
diversity and that’s what Google loves. Further more, the links in the
lists range from PR0 to PR9 so if you’re looking for powerful links to
point directly to your money site, you can find them in there…

Q: Why is your list better than any other list on the market?

A: We scrape Non-Stop – this allows us to create big lists of fresh
verified urls. While our competitors can provide lists of up to 75k
urls, our lists usually have at least 125.000 verified fresh urls. And
there’s the price… while you can get other GSA SER Lists for $20 (for
25k urls) or $35 (for 30k urls) or even $50 (for 75k urls) those lists
may not be fresh and may be already spammed to death – you can get our
fresh lists of 125.000+ urls for only $35 (with the discount included
> see more here).

Q: Are there any duplicates in each list?

A: Absolutely not, we remove all duplicates from every list and provide you with 100k+ unique urls in every list

Q: Is each list unique compared to the previous ones?

A: Yes, we compare each new list with the previous ones and remove all duplicates

Q: Are these lists fresh?

A: Yes, fresh as they can get, we turn out about 100k fresh urls every 4 weeks

Q: Is this a monthly service?

A: No. We build a list every 3-5 weeks. Once a new list is ready, it
goes up for sale. You can buy just one or you can buy them all,
depending on your needs. Or you can even pay for a monthly subscription
and get 12 lists per year guaranteed, at a discounted price.

Q: Are there any tutorials on how to use the lists?

A: Yes, immediately after you purchase you will receive full instructions on how to import and use the lists.

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